Watercolor Tutorial 2: Washes and Experiments

Grab your brushes, paper, paints and some water and let's get painting!

This week I will show you a few of my favorite warm ups and color experiments.  I love to play with watercolor and just let it do it's thing.  Magic happens when you let watercolor flow freely!

First, let's get out all 3 primary colors (red, yellow and blue).  We will make a color wheel and see how easily our colors mix together.  If you would like you can get a free printable blank color wheel off the internet and print it onto some watercolor paper.  In the video below I am using Winsor and Newton paints in: perm rose, winsor yellow and winsor blue. (New videos coming soon!)

How did it go?  I hope you had a ton of fun mixing up your colors and painting them into your color wheel.

Now we will do a little bit of experimenting with our paints.  I love just adding some water to the paper and dropping in color to see what it will do.  I have a notebook of color experiments I keep handy.  In my notebook I note the colors I used so I can easily create the magical mixes again and again.  I recommend using 2 - 4 colors you love and creating color palettes to see how they work together.  In the next video I demo how to do some experiments and how to layer.

How did it go?  Did you make any fun discoveries? 

Thank you for stopping by!  Have fun playing with paint!  Stay tuned for next weeks tutorial on more color mixing and fun watercolor tricks.